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Posiadamy w ofercie kilkadziesiąt gatunków drewna egzotycznego. W ciągu zaledwie kilku dni jesteśmy w stanie zrealizować zamówienie na większość z nich! Minimalne zamówienie to 10 m³. Dostawy drewna egzotycznego powierzyli nam renomowani producenci łodzi i jachtów.

high quality wood from exotic forests


Origin: West Africa, tropical forests (Liberia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Colour: light yellow to dark yellow
Properties: soft, resilient, flexible and very straight-growing
Uses: sauna, plywood, veneers, furniture, finishes and doors


Origin: West Africa

Colour: brown-olive to dark brown
Properties: heavy, hard, flexible, durable and easy to work with
Uses: veneers, furniture, finishes, stairs and floorboards


Origin: West Africa, Guinea, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo / Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria

Colour: light brown to red-brown
Properties: durable, resistant to bending, weather and acid resistant
Uses: stairs, windows, doors, floorboards (even in workplaces) and industrial containers


Origin: tropical Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Mozambique and Cameroon

Colour: golden-brown with yellow grains
Properties: hard, dense, strong and weather resistant
Uses: doors, stairs, exterior finishes, gardens, wall panels, floorboards, shipbuilding and constructional carcassing


Origin: Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean

Colour: light pink to red-brown
Properties: hard, durable and weather-resistant
Uses: deckboards, floorboards, stairs, finishes, furniture and constructional carcassing


Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia

Colour: dark brown to brown-red
Properties: hard, durable and easy to work with
Uses: wall panels, doors and windows, floorboards, finishes, furniture and plywood


Origin: South-East Asia, Madagascar

Colour: brown-red
Properties: hard, dense and smooth
Uses: floorboards, doors and windows, exterior wall panels, furniture and construction carcassing


Origin: West and Central Africa

Colour: brown-red
Properties: durable, stable: low tangential to radial shrinkage ratio (T/R ratio), easy to work with
Uses: doors and windows, furniture, stairs, interior wall panels, floorboards, musical instruments and shipbuilding


Origin: India, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand

Colour: yellow to brown
Properties: durable and resistant
Uses: doors and windows, stairs, floorboards, shipbuilding and constructional carcassing


Origin: Cameroon and Democratic Republic of the Congo

Colour: dark brown with black grains
Properties: hard, heavy and resistant
Uses: doors and windows, stairs, floorboards, veneers and finishes


Origin: West Africa

Colour: light brown with dark brown grains
Properties: heavy, durable, resistant and sappy
Uses: machine turning, interior wall panels, finishes, furniture, veneers and sports (ski).

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