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timber from North America

Our supply means the best timber in the shortest possible time.

high quality wood from American forests


Known also as red alder, Western red alder and Western alder.

Colour: light brown
Properties: soft, stable, good shock resistance and easy to finish
Uses: furniture, doors and panelling

American ash

Known also as northern ash and southern ash.

Colour: white, yellow to dark brown
Properties: hard, stable, good strength properties, excellent shock resistance, easy to finish
Uses: furniture, doors, mouldings, floors

American cottonwood

Known also as eastern cottonwood and eastern poplar.

Colour: white to light brown
Properties: lightweight, soft, low shock resistance
Uses: furniture and mouldings


American gum

Known also as redgum, sweetgum.

Colour: white to light pink
Properties: easy to work, easy to obtain excellent finish, dries rapidly
Uses: furniture, doors, mouldings


Known also as west red cedar.

Colour: light brown to red brown
Properties: durable and resistant
Uses: furniture, interior finishing elements, parquets, packaging, toys, shipbuilding, finishing of hydraulic devices (jacuzzi)

white oak

Known also as northern white oak and southern white oak.

Colour: whitish, light brown to dark brown
Properties: hard, durable and easy to work with
Uses: furniture, doors, mouldings, floors

red oak

Known also as northern red oak and southern red oak.

Colour: light brown to reddish brown
Properties: hard, durable and easy to work with and good strength properties
Uses: furniture, doors, mouldings, floors

American hard maple

Known also as sugar maple, rock maple and black maple.

Colour: creamy white to light reddish
Properties: heavy, good strength properties, high abrasion resistance
Uses: furniture, doors, mouldings, floors, food related items

American tulipwood

Known also as yellow poplar, tulip poplar and canary whitewood.

Colour: creamy white to pale yellow or brown (sometimes green or purple) [the wood darkens with time on exposure to UV light]
Properties: excellent strength, low density, good shock resistance and stiffness, medium steam-bending capability, easy to finish and stain
Uses: furniture, mouldings, carving, panells, doors, CLT

American walnut

Known also as black walnut.

Colour: creamy white to light brown and dark brown
Properties: tough, hard, low stiffness [good steam bending classification]
Uses: furniture, doors, floors, panells

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